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Organo Gold Coffee

Organo Gold Coffee

Everyday Shea Lavender Moisturizing Shampoo

Do you have natural hair? Are you looking for a “sulfate-free” shampoo that’s safe to use in your hair? If so, Everyday Shea is perfect for you. Sold in any Whole Foods market or on for just under $15, it’s a great value for a low price.

Everyday Shea

Everyday Shea

I love this shampoo. As a young natural sistah, I have experimented with plenty of shampoos and conditioners during my natural hair journey. Everyday Shea does a great job providing a foaming, cleansing, moisturizing shampoo all in one with a great fresh fragrance. My favorite fragrance is Lavender; however other scents such as Vanilla Mint and unscented are also offered. This shampoo is a part of my regular hair regime. In efforts to keep my new moisturized and healthy I only shampoo my hair twice a month. YES! (Only twice a month) In place of weekly shampoos that strip natural hair’s natural oils, I co-wash my hair daily with my favorite hydrating conditioner. Co-washing simply means cleansing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. This idea may seem radical at first but it’s all a part of the reeducation on to properly care for our hair. As a woman of African descent, I have a curly hair texture which is very versatile but also known for being dry. This is the reason why it’s so important to use the right products and techniques for healthy hair. I recommend this shampoo as a great safe option for every hair type! It’s affordable, works well and smells great, you can’t beat that!

My Signature Fragrance

Marc Jacobs “Daisy” Gift Set

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is my new Fragrance addiction. I recently received the gift set over the holidays and I’m love. The gift set includes the fragrance tote, carrying case, fragrance 3.4 fl oz Perfume’, shower gel, lotion, and a scent roller to throw in your purse when you’re on the go all for just under $60. You can find Daisy to purchase on, Macy’s, Sephora and several other fragrance destination. The scent itself is light, fresh, feminine and flirty. I love that the scent stays with me all day, very seldom do I have to reapply. I would definitely recommend this scent for a range of women from the sophisticated and classy women and the woman in the go becomes of its versatile ability to blend well with any body chemistry. For such a great price, Daisy is definitely worth a try.

Latest Pick Up: Air Jordan Retro 13 (Grapes) Black/ AtomicTeal-Ultraviolet-White

Air Jordan Retro 13 Black/ AtomicTeal-Ultraviolet-White

To my fellow sneaker heads out there, these 13’s are my latest pick-ups. Released Saturday January 12, 2013, these are a nice addition to my personal collection. This colorway is one of my favorites the Purple paired with the Teal makes these a must have. These Retro 13’s are available in men’s for $160 and around 120 for kids sizes. Ladies if you are looking to buy sneakers these are a nice option because of the fun colorway and glitter on the mid-sole. I generally wear a size 8 in women’s but I usually buy all my Jordans in size 7 or 7.5.

Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine at Dukem

If you love Ethiopian food and you’re in the Baltimore area, Dukem is definitely worth a visit.

Nefertari at Dukem.

Located on the corner of Maryland Avenue and Chase Street, Dukem is the best authentic Ethiopian cuisine in town. With meals ranging from about 10 to around 18 dollars per person, Dukem is a great place for college students, couples or even during your lunch break. Whether you’re a regular customer or just a walk-in trying the flavorful dishes for the first time you’ll enjoy your experience. To start of the meal, sambusa are the typical appetizers to get your palette ready for the delicious flavors.

Veggie Sambusa at Dukem

Sabusa is a pastry shell filled with whole lentil, and jalapeno peppers with the addition of any meat if desired. Dukem specializes in traditional Ethiopian dishes including an entire section dedicated for vegetarians. Don’t worry for the meat lovers Dukem also specializes in lamb chicken dishes as well. Raised as a vegetarian, I am accustomed to ordering the #32 with fish which includes spicy splint lentil, yellow peas, greens, cabbage, shiro, salad, potato in spicy sauce and a pan-fried whole fish with fresh lemon.

Ethiopian enjera and cuisine

A mouthwatering presentation is served on a platter of enjera in a circular arrangement. Enjera is the traditional bread used to eat the dishes. Forget about forks, spoons and all other utensils roll up your sleeves to dig in. Yeah, you guessed it you eat with your hands! Not only are you getting authentic Ethiopian food, but a cultural experience as well right in middle of Baltimore. You break off pieces of enjera and pick up bits and pieces of each dish and the fish and enjoy the mixture of different flavor combinations.

Fish at Dukem

For first-timers it might seem a bit out of the norm, but it’s a fun way to try something new. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone in the Baltimore area and for those closer to Washington DC there is another Dukem located on U Street steps away from the U Street Metro, and the historical neighborhood of Adams Morgan.

My Favorite Hydrating Conditioner

My favorite moisturizing conditioner.

My favorite moisturizing conditioner.

As you may already know my hair is 100% natural. As a proud wearer of my infamous curly fro I co-wash my hair just about every day. Co-washing in other words means cleansing your hair without using shampoo but using moisture rich conditioners and products instead. Most shampoos strip the nutrients and natural oils from your hair and are not necessary as often as you might assume. Curly or kinky hair is often more dry than other textures and requires more attention and “TLC” which starts with the products and techniques you use. Co-washing cleans your hair leaving it more moisturized and soft than repeated use of shampoo. Herbal Essences “Hello Hydration” moisturizing conditioner is my first choice for day-to-day use and co-washing for several reasons. Being an Herbal Essences product, it smells amazing enriched with orchid infusions and coconut milk and at less than five dollars per bottle it’s work a try. Also this conditioner definitely does not disappoint in the moisture category, giving my curls moisture and a fresh fruity lingering fragrance all day. I shampoo my hair twice a month using “Everyday Shea” moisturizing shampoo which can be purchased at Whole Foods Market. I know it may seem crazy at first, NO you don’t need shampoo to wash your hair, and YES you should try to co-wash your hair to keep hair healthy and moisturized. Whether you’re completely natural like me, in the transitioning stage, or have relaxed hair, take your first step to healthier hair and try this method. With this being said, every product doesn’t work for every hair texture. Find what products work best for you. Good luck on your hair journey. Thank You For Reading ! – Nefertari